Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mucchio Classic Rock #16 - Blues from 1920 to 1960 (top 20 albums)

Robert Johnson (by Kim Robertson

Sixteenth music history lesson, courtesy of italian magazine Il Mucchio and its old Classic Rock special features (published in Italy in the 1990s/2000s). After Punk, New Wave, Dark/Gothic, Hard Rock, Psychedelia, Power Pop, Canterbury, Reggae, Krautrock, White Man's Blues, Hardcore-Punk, Old Skool Hip-Hop, Soul, italian Cantautori and californian Harmony Pop, it's time to go back at the crossroads where blues was born. From Robert Johnson to Leadbelly, from Muddy Waters to John Lee Hooker, from Howlin' Wolf to Lightin' Hopkins, all the masters are here. Enjoy! :o)

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Blues from 1920s to 1960s
Source: Il Mucchio
Albums on Spotify: 20 out of 20 (Il Mucchio selected 20 anthologies; when not available on Spotify, I chose similar ones)

10 Pivotal Albums
Willie Dixon - The Chess Box
John Lee Hooker - The Classic Early Years 1948-1951
Lightin' Hopkins - Complete Aladdin Recordings
Howlin' Wolf - The Genuine Article
Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings
B.B. King - The Best of the Early Years
Leadbelly - King of the Twelve-String Guitar
Muddy Waters - The Chess Box
Charley Patton - Complete Remastered Sessions
Bessie Smith - The Collection

10 Albums More
Big Bill Broonzy - All The Classic Sides 1928
Guitar Slim - Sufferin' Mind
Son House - Martin Scorsese presents: The Blues
Elmore James - Dark and Dreary
Blind Lemon Jefferson - The Complete Classic Sides Remastered
Memphis Slim - At the Gates of Horn
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog
Joe Turner - Greatest Hits
T-Bone Walker - The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings
Bukka White - The Vintage Recordings 1930-1940

Listen to it on Spotify:
Mammoth (full albums): HTTP, URI. (SR0613)
Lite (3 songs each "pivotal" album, 2 songs each "more" album): HTTP Link, URI. (SR0614)

Mucchio Classic Rock - Top 20 Albums series:

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