Friday, February 4, 2011

Guardian's New Band of the Day (October 2010)

Morning Parade: we only write songs we can imagine
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This is the playlist connected to selections by Guardian's New Band of the Day feature. I keep it monthly updated. Slightly delayed, in order to let Spotify upload the music and include the highest number of acts. On Guardian, you will find accurate description of each band/artist (links lead to the original column). 

The Playlist 
(september 2010, 16 new bands out of 20, 80%)

4/10: Ruff Diamondz - Do It Like Me
5/10: Brother
6/10: The Naked and Famous
7/10: The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
8/10: Japanese Voyeurs - Milk Teeth
11/10: William Basinski - Melancholia II
12/10: Jessica 6 - Fun Girl
13/10: Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal
14/10: Matteah Baim - Birthdays
15/10: The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black - There's So Many Things I Can Do
18/10: Paper Crows
19/10: Rizzle Kicks
20/10: Tristram - Someone Told Me a Poem
21/10: Sharks - It All Relates
22/10: Becoming Real - Like Me
25/10: How To Dress Well - Ready For The World
26/10: ANR - Stay Kids
27/10: The Knocks - Dancing With the Dj
28/10: The Narcoleptic Dancers - Not Evident
29/10: Morning Parade - Under The Stars

Listen to it on Spotify:
Active Playlist (changing every month, with only newest songs): HTTPURI. (SR0184)
Moloch Playlist (growing every month, with all 2010 songs): HTTPURI. (SR0185)

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