Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pitchfork Best New Music 2011 (january)

Smith Westerns: first Pitchfork darlings of 2011

Pitchfork Best New Music 2010 (Spotify link) has been one of the most subscribed Spotirama playlists so far. Now it's time to renew it with albums published in 2011. Main rule remains the same: I will include in it only albums that get at least a 8.0 score in Pitchfork Best New Music page. The news is that I will double the playlist: you can choose a lite version, similar to the 2010 one (three tracks each album), or a full-albums version. Today it still looks very tiny. Just one album featured and one missing. Trusting our beloved artists (and Pitchfork writers' kindness), it will quickly grow. Enjoy!

(1 album out of 2, 50%)

(links lead to Pitchfork reviews,  Pitchfork-like votes are Pitchfork votes)

Dye It Blonde (Smith Westerns, 8.4)
Kaputt (Destroyer, 8.8)

Listen to it on Spotify:
lite (3 tracks each album): HTTP, URI.
mammoth (full albums): HTTP, URI.

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