Saturday, December 11, 2010

The "Real" Songs of the Years


New Yorker posted its songs of the years playlist, and I diligently spotified it. But the real songs of the years list is not that one. It's this one. Look at it and you get why... :o)

I'm not just incredibly witty, but also big-hearted (playlist starts from 25 years before the New Yorker's one) and future-oriented (playlist stops with the end of the world in 2012... or ain't it the end?).

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(113 tracks, about 7 hours)

Bordel 1900 by Al Di Meola
1901 by Phoenix
Beijing 1902 by The China National Symphony Orchestra
1903 by Nico Gori
1904 by January Club
1905 by Aki Rissanen
1906 by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
1907 by The Breaks
1908 by March Rosetta
1909 by Of the Opera
1910 by Eric Moore
1911 by Braveheart
1912 'til Infinity by Scott Da Ros
1913 Massacre - Woody Guthrie
1914 by Randy Newman
1915 by Mike Bernard
1916 by Motörhead
1917 by David Bowie
Paris 1918 by Laurent Savagnac and Stéphane Zidi
Paris 1919 by John Cale
1920 by Pekka Volt
1921 by The Who
1922 by Charlie Parr
1923 by Ronnie Feinberg
Tidsvers 1924 by Jösses Flickor
1925 by Lovers Drugs
1926 by Thalia Zedek
1927 by Bringing Down Broadway
1928 by Califone
1929 by Merle Haggard
1930 by White Lightning
1931 by Richard Murray
1932 by Vertigo Butterfly
1933 by The Kimballs
1934: grandmother & Kimitake by Philip Glass
1935 by Joseph Welz
1936 by Marcel Cranc
1937 by Boondocks
1938 by Landa Daniel
1939 Returning by Peter Doherty
1940 by Francesco De Gregori
1941 by Harry Nilsson
1942 by Si Hayden
4/3/1943 by Lucio Dalla
1944 by Down By Law
Holland 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel
1946 by The Vanishing Art
1947 by Sergio Endrigo
1948 by Palehorse
Paris 1949 by Edith Piaf
1950 by Wyatt
1951 by Luck's X-Rd
1952 by Brauns
1953 by Ólafur Arnalds
1954 by Jean-Luc Kockler
1955 by Go Rydell
1956 by Tenderloud
1957 by Le Corbeau
1958 by Skalpel
1959 by Sisters Of Mercy
1960 by Cornelius 1960
1961 by Al Bano
1962 by Grass Show
1963 by New Order
1964 by Geoffrey Oryema
(I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again - The Barracudas
1966 by Thorsten Wingenfelder
1967 by The Auteurs
1968 by Bill Frisell
1969 by The Stooges
1970 by Ennio Morricone
1971 by Perry Blake
1972 by Josh Rouse
1973 by James Blunt
1974 by Ryan Adams
1975 by Incognito
1976 by Yann Tiersen
1977 by Ana Tijoux
1978 by Lydia
1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins
1980 by Estelle
1981 by Public Image Limited
1982 by Miss Kittin & The Hacker
1983 by Flying Lotus
1984 by Van Halen
1985 by Manic Street Preachers
1986 by Tachenko
1987 by Saul Williams
1988 by Mickey 3d
Everyday It's 1989 by Moby
1990 by Madrugada
1991 by Crystal Castles
1992 by Blur
Revolution 1993 by Jamiroquai
1994 by Efecto Mariposa
1995 by The Radio Dept.
1996 by Marilyn Manson
1997 (She Said It's Alright) by Pony Pony Run Run
1998 by Rancid
1999 by Prince
Disco 2000 by Pulp
2001 A Spliff Odyssey by Thievery Corporation
2002 by Legowelt
2003 by Nina Gordon
Paris 2004 by Peter Bjorn And John
2005 Es El Año by Chojin
2006 by Karavan
2007 by Vit Päls
2008 by Hello Saferide
2009. Voy a romper las ventanas by Love of Lesbian
Ten in 2010 by Bad Religion

2011 Making Love (Out of Nothing At All) by Bonnie Tyler feat. Matt Petrin
2012 (It Ain't the End) by Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj

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