Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guardian's New Band of the Day (August 2010)

A pink-haired super sexualized persona

This is the playlist connected to august selections by Guardian's New Band of the Day feature. I keep it monthly updated.

This round you'll find dream-disco, synth sirens, creepy ballads, super-sexualized personas, intelligent dubstep, crude toilet jokes and much more. All young dudes, anyway. Enjoy!

The Playlist 
(august 2010, 17 new bands out of 20, 85%)

2 August: Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters
Guardian's Paul Lester says: "This pair of bedroom turntablists make dream-disco that feels like a hazy assembly of chart hits heard in snatches last thing at night"
3 August: Superhumanoids - Hey Big Bag
"Combing the electronic with the organic, these slippery characters recall several bands – often within the same song"
"This 25-year-old MC is clearly going to be massive but it remains to be seen if he is the true saviour of Real Hip-Hop"
"Heading for the mainstream, this Dagenham rapper's music is a bittersweet symphony topped with a cinematic view of life in London"
6 August: Glasser - Apply
"This synth siren sounds like a weirder and more credible version of Enya, all ethereal vocals and meandering melodies"
9 August: Fortune - Bully
"This highly touted French pop-rock crew might have a bulging contacts book, but they need to write some killer tunes"
10 August: Melodica, Melody + Me - Piece Me Back Together
"This Brixton lot mix reggae-folk with Latin American harmonies. If you can think of a catchy title for such a hybrid, do let us know"
11 August: Mohombi
12 August: The Count & Sinden - After Dark (feat. Mystery Jets)
"The debut album from this Essex DJ duo is a neat summation of the last 15 years in UK electronic dance music"
"This Kentucky lad's creepy ballads and twisted hymns provide a surreal soundtrack to Smallville USA"
14 August: Nicki Minaj - Your Love
"Can Nicki Minaj challenge the likes of Lady Gaga when it comes to future-female pop star? Or will her super-sexualised persona seem dated in six months' time? This one could go either way"
17 August: Ramona
"This 21-year-old Scot makes intelligent, atmospheric dubstep – like Brian Eno meets Burial"
"You don't need a degree in French to realise this Belgian exponent of mournful Euro disco is not a happy bunny"
"This puerile pop-rap trio are plumbing a sub-Inbetweeners register of crude toilet jokes and puns about masturbation"
"This quirkysomething American singer stands a better chance than most of breaking the UK thanks to her Anglophile sensibility"
25 August: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Vocal Chords
"Despite naming themselves after a race car driver, this Detroit duo are the least Motor City band ever"
26 August: Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Fuck the World)
"Mellifluous and menacing, is this midwestern rapper one of hip-hop's last great hopes?"
27 August: The Crayonettes
31 August: Tamaryn - Mild Confusion
"This San Francisco duo combine the Horrors' shimmery reverb with Mazzy Star's icy vocals to create a hazy, indie noise"

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