Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nuggets - Original Artyfacts from the Psychedelic Era (full series: I-V)

Spotify archive is a living organism: going up and down like the tide, following the cycles of the moon (and of licensing agreements). Year by year, songs are added or taken away from the service and sometimes these changes are quite significant for Spotirama playlists. This is one of those times. In a positive way.

When I first made playlists based on the first two of Elektra/Rhino's Nuggets compilation albums, dozens of tracks were missing. Today things have really improved: I found more than sixty songs previously missing. That means playlists are closer to the original boxsets. Besides, I made three new playlists, completing the Nuggets saga. And - on the very bottom of this post - you will find a mammoth playlist, too: a collection of more than 314 songs from all the series. 

Ready to start a psychedelic party in your garage?

(90 songs, 28 missing, 3h58')

New songs added in this update (28):
Dirty Water (Standells)
Public Execution (Mouse and the Traps)
Talk Talk (Music Machine)
Journey To Tyme (Kenny & The Kasuals)
Sweet Young Thing (The Chocolate Watchband)
7 and 7 Is (Love)
Going All The Way (The Squires)
The Little Black Egg (The Nightcrawlers)
Strychnine (The Sonics)
Little Girl (Syndicate of Sound)
(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet (The Blues Magoos)
Shape of Things To Come (Max Frost and the Troopers)
Beg, Borrow & Steal (The Rare Breed/Ohio Express)
Run, Run, Run (The Gestures)
Knock Knock (The Humane Society)
Primitive (The Groupies)
You Must Be a Witch (The Lollipop Shoppe)
Maid of Sugar, Maid of Space (Mouse and the Traps)
You Ain't Tuff (The Uniques)
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (Standells)
Double Yellow Line (Music Machine)
Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) (The Chocolate Watchband)
(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man (The Brigands)
Out Of Our Tree (The Wailers)
Complication (The Monks)
Mr. Pharmacist (The Other Half)
Mindrocker (Fenwyck)
Love's Gone Bad (The Underdogs)

(67 songs, 28 missing, 3h17')

New songs added in this update (36):
Sorry (The Easybeats)
How Is The Air Up There (The La De Da's)
Garden of My Mind (The Mickey Finn)
Take a Heart (The Sorrows)
All Night Stand (The Thoughts)
War or Hands of Time (The Masters Apprentices)
It's a Sin To Go Away (We All Together)
A Dream For Julie (Kaleidoscope)
Children of the Sun (The Misunderstood)
Save My Soul (Wimple Winch)
Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad (Caleb)
Daddy Buy Me a Girl (Golden Earrings)
Gone Is the Sad Man (Timebox)
Reflections of Charles Brown (Rupert's People)
That's the Way It's Got To Be (The Poets)
You Said (The Primitives)
Friday on My Mind (The Easybeats)
Gaby (The Boots)
Circles (Instant Party) (Les Fleur de Lys)
Get Down From The Tree (The Matadors)
Changing the Colours of Life (The Chijuas)
Who Dat? (The Jury)
Path Through the Forest (The Factory)
Love, Hate, Revenge (Episode Six)
The Train To Disaster (The Voice)
Sad (The Australian Playboys)
I Wish I Was Five (Scrugg)
Glendora (The Downliners Sect)
Why Don't You Smile Now (The Downliners Sect)
The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane (Tymon)
Vacuum Cleaner (Tintern Abbey)
My Life (Thor's Hammer)
Bad Little Woman (The Wheels)
But You Never Do It Babe (The Boots)
Flight From Ashiya (Kaleidoscope)
When the Alarm Clock Rings (The Blossom Toes)

(57 songs, 43 missing, 3h5')

(52 songs, 25 missing, 2h56')

(48 songs, 53 missing, 2h9')

The Nuggets Mammoth
(all five playlists in one: 314 tracks, about 15 hours)

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