Friday, October 4, 2013

King Britt's Sonic Journey Into Afrofuturism (on Spotify)

Don't blame me, blame Janelle Monáe.
Or better, blame US reviewers of Janelle Monáe's new album The Electric Lady (great!) who obsessively used the term afrofuturism, inevitably pushing me to search some other musical afrofuturistic horizons.

And I found 'em. Thanks of Pennsylvania producer King Britt, who some months ago compiled this gorgeus mix for the website OkayAfrica. There, you can still listen to it in all his original and complete Soundcloud flavour. Here you have a Spotify résumé: shorter, nonethless quite exciting for its mixture of old jazzy extravaganza (Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Sun Ra), modern hybrid sounds (Flying Lotus, Common, Madlib) and little glimpses from the nextworld (Shabazz Palaces).

Whatever it is, whatever it will be, may the afrofuturism be with you.


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