Monday, October 21, 2013

Rolling Stone 100 Best Albums of the 2000s

A couple of years ago, guys at Rolling Stone compiled their own top 100 album list of the noughties. Last week that chart appeared on my social networks, shared and commented by some friends. So I spotified it. 97 albums are available on Spotify: I haven't found Gillian Welch's Time the Revelator (#64), Danger Mouse mash up The Grey Album (#58) and Radiohead's In Rainbows (#30). Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise is only available in some countries: not mine, unfortunately, but I put it on the playlist. Sigur Ros' Ágætis Byrjun is actually from 1999 (icelandic release), but in most of the world markets was released in the new millennium. 

I made two lists, with albums ordered by countdown from #50 to #1: one is for the tasters (3 songs each album), one for the completists (full albums: about 80 hours of music). Even if I don't share RS enthusiasm for some artists (Kings of Leon and Kanye West, for example), I listened to it the whole weekend and I think it's a good (somehow mainstream rock oriented) soundtrack of the decade. 




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