Friday, October 25, 2013

There's Something About Mark - A collection of Mark Lanegan collaborations

Even if I'm a very tough, wrinkled & heartless sealkiller, some songs can still make me cry. A celestial cry. Like when you watch at the sky and find there are really angels playing music and drinking beer up there. Or when you take a long and deep breath and feel the chilly mountain air suddenly stopping your heart and saving your lungs. That's what happens every time I listen to Mark Lanegan and Soulsavers' version of Gene Clark's Some Misunderstandings. Always. Everywhere. Even if the sky is dark and the mountains are far on the horizon. 

From this recurring epiphany, came the need to pay a little tribute to Mr. Lanegan. 

Focusing not on Screaming Trees albums, not on the solo records, not on his "regular" collaboration with Isobel Campbell. 

This playlist is based on the more extemporaneous collaborations: the songs he recorded with Mad Season (desperate, junkie, passionate, dark side of grunge), Twilight Singers, Martina Topley-Bird, Soulsavers and - very recently - Queens of the Stone Age and Moby. 

The mine is deep and rich, some tunnels hard to reach. Some collaborations are hidden in the albums credits. Some are not available on Spotify. As guiding light, I used this Wikipedia list. And I made two playlists. There's Something About Mark is based on my personal tastes: 16 tracks, about 86 minutes, no more than 3 songs for each album, a tracklist ordered by feeling. Mark Lanegan Collaborations is the deluxe edition, with all the collaborations I found (34 tracks, almost 3 hours), in chronological order.


(16 tracks, 1h26')

(34 tracks, 2h50')

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