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The Music of Sons of Anarchy (complete Spotify songbook, seasons 1-6)

Ridin' through this world, all alone. 
God takes your soul, you're on your own... 

Welcome to the encyclopedic (tv) friday of Spotirama! Here you find a bunch of playlists based on tv series Sons of Anarchy. First one is a big mammuth, with songs from all seasons (1-6). Then, along with full song lists, I also published six individual playlists: one for each season. Next year, when the seventh (and probably last) season will be aired, I will update everything. The source is The TV IV - A compendium of television knowledge anyone can edit. And if you know the series, you know that's music that sounds better if played loud. 


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Full lists (and season playlists)

Strikethrough songs are not available on Spotify. Some songs may be not available in all countries.


1x01 - Pilot
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
The Black Keys - Hard Row
Year Long Disaster - Fool and You
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Stop
Album Leaf - Writings on the Wall
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - Plenty Strong, Plenty Wrong
Lions - No Generation
Lions - Machine
Fireball Ministry - Kick Back
Sun Kil Moon - Like the River
Gia Ciambottie - Bobilicious
Campana de America - Tus Ojitos
1x02 - Seeds
Tarbox Ramblers - Already Gone
Lonnie Brooks - Don't Take Advantage of Me
Big George Jackson - If I Could Change
Fu Manchu - "Mongoose"
Katey Sagal - Son of a Preacher Man
1x03 - Fun Town
Cycle of Pain - 5
Big Linda - Get It While You Can
Daniella Cotton - Let It Ride
1x04 - Patch Over
Austin Hanks - Alabama Clay
Lions - All Hail
Lions - Evil Eye
Mojo Monkeys - Eye of the Sun
Mojo Monkeys - Hang
Johnny Hickman - Lucky
Mojo Monkeys - Mojo Man
Clutch - Power Player
Austin Hanks - Sucker Punch
Old Canes - Then Go On
1x05 - Giving Back
Scott Shriner & the Forest Rangers - I'm Eighteen
Fu Manchu - Hey
Danielia Cotton - Make You Move
Gia Ciambotti - Tail Wags the Dog
Jesse Dayton - Tall Walkin' Texas Trash
Jin - Yum Dom Cha
Michael Sackler-Berner - Keep It Easy
The Donkeys - Excelsior Lady
1x06 - AK-51
Bob Neuwirth - The First Time
Chris Thompson - One Man Mission
Sharon Little - Follow That Sound
Warlocks - Zombie Like Lovers
Neon Horse - Cuckoo
The Black Keys - Keep Me
1x07 - Old Bones
Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust
Cobra Verde - Riot in the Food Court
Austin Hanks - Rip It Up
Tara Holloway - This Time fer Sure
Clutch - You Can't Stop Progress
Black Keys - Busted
1x08 - The Pull
Andy Williams - Can't Get Used to Losing You
Dropkick Murphys - Johnny I Hardly New Ya
Sean Talham - Road to Glencar
1x09 - Hell Followed
Michael Sackler Berner - True Blue
Burning Brides - Plank of Fire
Bob Neuwirth - Biding Her Time
Chicago Stone Lightning - My Love Is a Good Look
Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers - Fortunate Son (Instrumental)
1x10 - Better Half
The Waco Brothers - Say Hello to Everybody
Monster Magnet - Monolithic
The Donkeys - Dolphin Center
1x11 - Capybara
Murder by Death - Coming Home
Sasquatch - Money Man
Howlin' Rain - The Firing of the Midnight Rain
1x12 - The Sleep of Babies
Audra Mae & the Forest Rangers - Forever Young
Fireball Ministry - End of Story
Greenleaf - Stray Bullit Woman
Lions - No Generation
Mojo Monkeys - Bodacious
Boo Boo Davis - Who Stole the Booty
Lions - White Angel
1x13 - The Revelator
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - John The Revelator
Five Horse Johnson - Lightning When I Need
Ladies of the Canyon - Every Minute
Black Mountain - Stay Free
Tarbox Ramblers - Were You There
Tarbox Ramblers - Ashes To Ashes
Holloway & The Scrantones - Temptation Took Control of Me


2x01 - Albification
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
Anvil - Slip Kid
Five Horse Johnson - Fly Back Home
Black Mountain - Wucan
Blonde Acid Cult (aka Calypsony) - Mad for You
Imperial Crowns - Lil' Death
Lions - Girl from the North Country
Marlene and the Sons of the Disaster - Step Up (I'm on It)
Monster Magnet - Radiation Day
Michael Sakler-Berner - The World Is Spinnin' on Its Side Today
The Hangmen - The Devil
The Toadies - Nothing to Cry About
Year Long Disaster - Leda Atomica
2x02 - Small Tears
The Upsidedown - If You Are Hell Girl
Alberta Cross - Low Man
Katey Sagal - Ruby Tuesday
2x03 - Fix
Toadies - I Want Your Love
The Death Roadies - The Wrong Way Out
The High Society - Caledonia Red
Indigenous - Come on Home
Hillstomp - Cardiac Arrest in D
Mojo Monkeys - Roll on Muddy River
Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - Black Cat Road
2x04 - Eureka
Tara Halloway - The Bottom
The Obscurities - Stop Dragging Me Down
Pearlene - You Done Told Everybody
Monster Magnet - Slut Machine
Lions - Nothing
The Stone Foxes - Beneath Mt. Sinai
2x05 - Smite
Pearlene - Two Crescents
Blackstrap - The Open Road
2x06 - Falx Cerebri
Rhino Bucket - Don't Bring Her Down
Fireball Ministry - Fallen Believers
Southern Bitch - Free Man Now
Boo Boo Davis - I'm Comin' Home
Hillstomp - Nope
2x07 - Gilead
Gram Rabbit - Stars
The Peak Show - Tell Me
Devendra Banhart - A Sight to Behold
Madi Diaz - A Little Bit
2x08 - Potlatch
Sun Kill Moon - Salvador Sanchez
Souleros - Bag of Bones
Henry Clay People - Something in the Water
Amanda Blank - Make It, Take It
COP - Pungle
Chicagoe Stone Lightning Band - Lover, Lover
Delta Spirit - People, Turn Around
2x09 - Fa Guan
Austin Hanks - Rip It Up
Tarbox Ramblers - No Harm Blues
Darker My Love - Two Ways Out
Glasspack - Lot Lizard
2x10 - Balm
Bob Neuwirth - The Places I Can't Afford to Go
The Brought Low - There's a Light
All Points West - Novocaine
The Tossers - Going Away
The Georgettes - Down By the River
Six Organs of Admittance - Attar
Patty Griffin - Mary
2x11 - Service
Chuck Prophet - Love Won't Keep Us Apart
Steve Conte - Busload of Hope
Calypso - Elephant
Souleros - She Rolls Me
Kieran Fahy - Dohertys/Tommy Peoples
Two Gallants - Fly Low Carrion Crow
Pearlene - Rosemary Girl
Deadstring Brothers - Can't Make It Through the Night
2x12 - The Culling
Billy Valentine & the Forest Rangers - Someday Never Comes
Tara Holloway - In the Flesh
Pearlene - Watch the Way
Straylight Run - Hands in the Sky
2x13 - Na Trioblóidí
Battleme - Burn This Town
Bachi Da Pietra - Casa Di Legno
Tape Deck Mountain - Ghost Colony
Don Caballero - Railroad Cancellation
Monster Magnet - Freeze and Pixelate
Pat James - Just Fillin'In
Pat James - City Lights
Pat James - Let Me Live Long Enough
Paul Brady & The Forest Rangers - Gimme Shelter


3x01 - SO
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
Joshua James & the Forest Rangers - No Milk Today
The Chimpz - Home Invasion
The Sadies - Sunset to Dawn
Richard Thompson - Dad's Gonna Kill Me
3x02 - Oiled
The Celtic Rangers Family Singers - Into Thy Hands (Listen on Facebook)
The McGuire Sisters - Sincerely
3x03 - Caregiver
Justin Townes Earle - What Do You Do When You're Lonesome
Preacher Stone - Not Today
White Buffalo - Damned
The Young Dubliners - (I Don't Think I'll) Love Anymore
3x04 - Home
Flatfoot 56 - Son of Shame
Katey Sagal and the Forest Rangers - Bird on the Wire
Damien Dempsey - Spraypaint Backalley
Six Organs of Admittance - All You've Left
Mystery Girl - I Took the Poison
3x05 - Turning and Turning
Paul Brady - Luck of the Draw
The Dreadnoughts - Boneyard
Flatfoot 56 - Way of the Sun
3x06 - The Push
O.L.D. - Everybody's Bitch
Cowboy Mouth - All American Man
The Greenhornes - Can't Stand It
Majecy - Like the Moon with the Sun
The Superbees - Buzz Buzz Around
Jennifer O'Connor - The Church and the River
3x07 - Widening Gyre
Cave Country - Panda Party
Paul Brady - Help Me to Believe
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - Travelin' Band
3x08 - Lochan Mor
Black 47 - Big Fellah
Attika 7 - Greed And Power
Flatfoot 56 - The Long Road
Dreadnoughts - Victory Square
Sweet Apple - Flying Up A Mountain
Flatfoot 56 - Shiny Eyes
The Tossers - Ballad Of The Thoughtful Rover
The Young Dubliners - Caroline
The Tossers - Faraway
Flogging Molly - Another Bag Of Bricks
Flatfoot 56 - Jungle Of The Midwest Sea
The Tossers - Ciara
3x09 - Turas
Scala And Kolacny Brothers - Our Last Fight
We Were Promised Jetpacks - An Almighty Thud
Romany Rye - Old Soul
Flatfoot 56 - We Grow Stronger
Blacklist Royals - Church Bells Are Ringing
Methods Of Mayhem - Fight Song
Paul Brady - Living The Mystery
White Buffalo - Sweet Hereafter
3x10 - Firinne
The Tossers - A Night On Earth
CRUD - Devil At The Wheel
Ruby Friedman Orchestra - Drowned
Kim Ferron and The Forest Rangers - Shadows And Dreams
The Beat Up - Messed Up
3x11 - Bainne
Tara Holloway - Boyfriend
Sun Kill Moon - Alesund
Gary Clark - Bright Lights
Dixie Witch - What You Want
Jonathan Clay - Gypsy Woman
Battleme - Dead Man
3x12 - June Wedding
Sasquatch - Dragonfly
Monster Magnet - 100 Million Miles
Mark Ford - Future Too
Chuck Prophet - Leave The Window Open
3x13 - NS
Joan Armatrading - This Charming Life
Attika 7 - Cracker Man
Gary Clark, Jr. - Don’t Owe You A Thang
Sad Girl - Today Again
The Forest Rangers (featuring Battleme and Slash) - Miles Away
White Buffalo - The Matador
TurboNegro - Get It On
Battleme - Hey Hey My My


4x01 - Out
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
Joshua James - Coal War
The Jim Jones Revue - Burning Your House Down
The Deadly Snakes - Everybody Seems To Think (You've Got Some Kind Of Hold On Me)
Devil's Brigade - Darlene
Christian & The 2120's - Evil Ways
Alison Mosshart & The Forest Rangers - What A Wonderful World
4x02 - Booster
Ben Ottewell - Take This Beach
Bo Molasses - My Time Is Coming
The Deadly Snakes - Closed Casket
Deadstring Brothers - Adalee
Don Cavalli - I'm Going To A River
Lions - Poster Child
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - Go It Alone
4x03 - Dorylus
Love - Seven And Seven Is
Shooter Jennings - All Of This
4x04 - Una Venta
Franky Perez & Los Gaurdianes Del Bosque - Los Tiempos Von Combiando (The Times They Are A-Changin')
Churchwood - Rimbaud Diddley
The Cave Singers - Black Leaf
Franky Perez & Los Gaurdianes Del Bosque - Condenado
4x05 - Brick
Middle Brother - Blue Eyes
Kid Sister - Control
FS - Shake Dat Ass
Battleme - Big Score
Black Box Revelation - I Think I Like You
Battleme - Pocket
4x06 - With An X
Casual Confusion - Falling Nation
The Coal Men - Houston Memory
The Coal Men - Almost
Battleme - Killer High
Leeroy Stagger - Red Bandana
Casual Confusion - Drowning In Your Sea
Noah Gundersen - FamilyITunes.gif
4x07 - Fruit for the Crows
4to Poder - Aqui No Se Esta Jugando
Social Distortion - Machine Gun Blues
Moreland & Arbuckle - 18 Counties
Amplified Heat - Dirty Love No Romance
Dave Kushner & Olmeca - Anarquia
Tara Holloway - East Side Story
Black Pistol Fire - Bottlerocket
Southern Bitch - Freeway
Katey Sagal - Strange Fruit
4x08 - Family Recipe
The British Columbians - Broke & Busted
Black Box Revelation - Where Has All This Mess Begun
Sarah White & The Forest Rangers - Dreaming Of You
Los Natas - Noviembre
Scott H Biram - Lost Case Of Being Found
Scott H Biram - Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue
4x09 - Kiss
Brett Levick - So Many Ways Back Down
Scott Biram - No Way
The White Buffalo - I Wish It Was True
4x10 - Hands
Endless Boogie - Tarmac City
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - Way Down Here
Yelawolf - Hard White (Up In The Club)
Beck - Iron Horse
Battleme & The Forest Rangers - Time
4x11 - Call of Duty
Eilen Jewell - I Remember You
Choo Choo La Rouge - Relentless Money Love Blues
Tyson - Mr. Rain
Goldsboro - Angels
The Cave Singers - Falls
Miracle Parade - Lost At Sea
Vandaveer - Dig Down Deep
4x12 - Burnt and Purged Away
Sun Kil Moon - Glen Tipton
Boo Boo Davis - I'm So Tired
Noah Gundersen - David
4x13 - To Be (1)
Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson & Clover
Ryan Horne - Terrible Tommy
4x14 - To Be (2)
The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers - House Of The Rising Sun


5x01 - Sovereign
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
Franky Perez & The Forest Rangers - Higher Ground
The Vim Dicta - Your Man
Jeffrey Foucault - Horse Latitude
Noah Gundersen & The Forest Rangers - He Got Away
5x02 - Authority Vested
Hayes Greenfield - Steel House Blues
Fitz & The Tantrums - We Don't Need No Love Songs
Attika 7 - All or Nothing
Jack Savoretti - Soldiers Eyes
5x03 - Laying Pipe
Mojo Monkeys - Beating Dead Horses
Keaton Simons - Mama's Song
Sun Kil Moon - Third and Seneca
Cold Specks - Lay Me Down
5x04 - Stolen Huffye
The Coppertone - Black Water
Slowtrain - Bound to Find You Out
Wild Flag - Endless Talk
The Chimpz - Mr. 44
Keaton Simons - Grim Reaper
The Ike Reilly Assassination - Hard to Make Love to an American
Greg Holden - The Lost Boy
5x05 - Orca Shrugged
Shooter Jennings - Wild & Lonesome
CC Coletti - Heaven Is In Your Mind
The Sheepdogs - Slim Pickens
Bob Neuwirth - Good Intentions
Sweetwater & The Satisfaction - You Do You
Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers - The Unclouded Day
Jimmie Wood's Parish - The Promised Land
5x06 - Small World
Paul Rodgers - With Our Love
Johnny Berry - The End
Gene Casey - Manana Manana
The Howls - Weight
Lucero - Go Easy
Quaker City NightHawks - Cold Blues
5x07 - Toad's Wild Ride
Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long
Justin Warfield - Headlights
Gregg Sutton - Room Where Nobody Goes
Sweetwater & The Satisfaction - Love More Than Anything
Garrett Morgan - Standing On A Bridge
The Dalles - Lines
Quaker City Night Hawks - Ain’t No Kid
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
5x08 - Ablation
Little Leo - What’s It All About
Pettidee - Break ‘Em Off
Blackberry Smoke - Ain’t Much Left Of Me
Carla Morrison - Disfruto
5x09 - Andare Pescare
Preacher Stone - Not Today
Social Distortion - The Devil In Miss Jones
Pete Peterson - By And By
Beitthemeans - All My Kinfolk
The Head & The Heart - Down In The Valley
Hopeless Jack & The Handsome Devils - Hali’s Comet
Batleme & The Forest Rangers - Lights
5x10 - Crucifixed
Mike Zito - Roll On
San Quinn - Paid
Halfway To Gone - Great American Scumbag
The Howls - Vacation
Keaton Simons - Hero & Hell
Alison Mosshart & The Forest Rangers - Blind Ride
5x11 - To Thine Own Self
Ocha la Rocha - Heavy
Supafly Inc - Happiness
The Good Looks - 18 Summers Old
Keaton Simons - Just This Side Of Insane
Toxic Holocaust - Bitch
Michael Sackler-Berner - True Blue
Leopold & His Fiction - Ain't No Surprise
Quaker City Night Hawks - Some Of Adam's Blues
John Moreland - Heaven
5x12 - Darthy
YACHT - Dystopia
William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils
Moonalice - Coconut Wireless
Rival Sons - Jordan
The White Buffalo - The Whistler
5x13 - J'ai Obtenu Cette
Katey Sagal & The Forest Rangers - To Sir With Love
Brutal Jooks - Rich Man
Barcelona - Slipping Away
Los Rakas - No Problema
Los Rakas - Fuego
Ocha la Rocha - Westward
Bihlman Bros - Lift Me Up
The Greenhornes - Too Much Sorrow
Vanessa Daou - Consequences
Jane’s Addiction - Sympathy For The Devil


6x01 - Straw
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - This Life (theme song)
Miz - October Skies
Raquel Rodriguez - Already Beat
Foad Manshadi - Aroom, Aroom
Daniel Davies - So
Billy Valentine & The Forest Rangers - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Rival Sons - Jordan
Leonard Cohen - Come Healing
6x02 - One One Six
The White Buffalo - Set My Body Free
The Charlie Brecthel Band - Riding With The Wind
Carla Morrison - Me Encanta
Noah Gundersen & The Forest Rangers - As Tears Go By
6x03 - Poenitentia
The Warren Hood Band - Alright
Jimmy Rip - Slow Southern Ways
Carly Ritter - This Place Ain’t Our Home
Jeff Crosby - Oh Love, Oh Lord
Jennifer O’Connor & The Forest Rangers - Running Blues
Amy Loftus - I Don’t Have A Life
Forest Rangers - Everyday People
6x04 - Wolfsangel
Kalen Nash - Tell Me You Love Me Again
Ehren Ebbage & Hannah Miller - Sun Keep On Shining
Chris Goss & The Forest Rengers - Sittin' On Top Of The World
6x05 - The Mad King
Alt-J - Tessellate
MiZ - Dopesick Blues
Mati Zundel - La Montaña En El Medio Del Mundo
Blake Perlman - Loser
Tyler Bryant - House On Fire
The Civil Wars - I Had Me A Girl
6x06 - Salvage
Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners
Franky Perez & the Truth - The Reckoning
6x07 - Sweet and Vaded
Franky Perez & the Forest Rangers - Love Is My Religion
Puta Madre Brothers - Grandes Pelotas del Fuego
Joshua James - Crash This Train
Joshua James - The Garden
Joshua James - Crash This Train (Acoustic)
6x08 - Los Fantasmas
The Barbarellatones - Drag Queens on Choppers
The Barbarellatones - The Ballad of Sex with Lurch
Jimmy Rip & The Trip - The Blues Gets You
John Moreland - Gospel
Tony Joe White - Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now?
6x09 - John 8:32
John Moreland - Your Spell
The Saint Johns - Open Water
Maggie Siff - Lullaby For a Soldier (Arms of the Angels)
6x10 - Huang Wu
Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson - Motherless Child
Katey Sagal & The Forest Rangers - For a Dancer
Leopold and his Fiction - Cowboy
The White Buffalo - Oh Darlin' What Have I Done
6x11 - Aon Rud Persanta
Battleme & The Forest Rangers - I See Through You (Free Your Mind)
The Staple Singers - I'm Coming Home
The Stone Foxes - Everybody Knows
6x12 - You Are My Sunshine
The Besnard Lakes - People of the Sticks
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky
Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings - You Are My Sunshine
Carla Morrison - Hasta la Piel
6x13 - A Mother's Work
JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers
Noah Gundersen & The Forest Rangers - Day Is Gone Badge
Parlor Hawk - Better Gone
Parlor Hawk - We Better Run

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