Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Köthener Straße 38 - The Legend of Hansa Studios

Fripp, Eno, Bowie at Hansa: "heroes" forever and ever

For my personal history of music listener, Hansa Tonstudio is essentially the temple where U2 crafted Achtung Baby. For the history of modern popular music, the Berlin studios are something more. A kind of dark sonic magic that started in the Seventies, when a notorious wall was still up (few steps from the door of the studios) and David Bowie came there - along with his friend Iggy - to start a new career (great book about those years: Thomas Jerome Seabrook's Bowie in Berlin).

This playlist tries to capture some of the Hansa's sound and vision. It features two songs each "selected recording" I found on the studios' Wikipedia page. Just one album in that list is missing from Spotify: Ossler's Ett Bruss. So, to get the symbolic 38 songs of the title/address, I added one track from Diamanda Galas' You Must Be Certain of the Devil and a bonus from U2: Stay (Faraway, So Close!). A song born from the Achtung Baby sessions, with a wenderesque video (below) that made me fall in love with Berlin fifteen years before I could finally walk through the Tiergarten.

Not a very joyful collection of music (Siouxsie, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave!), but I hope you can enjoy it. :o)

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The Legend of Hansa Studios
Source: Wikipedia.

David Bowie – Sound And Vision/Warszawa
(from Low, 1977)
David Bowie – "Heroes"/V-2 Schneider
(from "Heroes", 1977)
Iggy Pop – China Girl/Nightclubbing
(from The Idiot, 1977)
Iggy Pop – The Passenger/Lust For Life
(from Lust For Life, 1977)
Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure/Cloudburst Flight
(from Force Majeure, 1979)
David Bowie – Remembering Marie A./Baal's Hymn
(from Baal, 1982)
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts/Love In Itself
(from Construction Time Again, 1983)
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood/Eighties
(from Night Time, 1984)
Marillion – Kayleigh/Pseudo Silk Kimono
(from Misplaced Childhood, 1984)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tupelo/Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree
(from The Firstborn Is Dead, 1984)
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities In Dust/Candyman
(from Tinderbox, 1986)
Killing Joke – Adorations/Sanity
(from Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, 1986)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Your Funeral My Trial/Sad Waters
(from Your Funeral... My Trial, 1986)
Diamanda Galas – Let My People Go
(from You Must Be Certain of the Devil, 1987)
U2 – Zoo Station/One
(from Achtung Baby, 1991)
U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
(from Zooropa, 1993)
Snow Patrol – Crack The Shutters/If There's a Rocket Tie Me To It
(from A Hundred Million Suns, 2008)
Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man/When I Needed You
(from Diamond Hoo Ha, 2008)
KT Tunstall – (Still A) Weirdo/Uummannaq Song
(from Tiger Suit, 2010)
R.E.M. – ÜBerlin/Discoverer
(from Collapse Into Now, 2011)

Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0723)

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