Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guardian's New Band of the Day (July 2010)

Fragrance of Florrie

Let's go back to summer! This is the playlist connected to july selections by Guardian's New Band of the Day feature. In it, you'll find a lot of dance stuff, some hip hop, some pop, some american roots and some other unidentified musical objects. All young dudes, anyway. Enjoy!

The Playlist 
(july 2010, 15 new bands out of 22, 68,18%)

1 July: Shit Browne - Sunflowers
Guardian's Paul Lester says: "These Parisians are so in thrall to the sound of Madchester that they named themselves after the former Stone Roses frontman"
2 July: Florrie - Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)
"This singer is set to be the face of the Nina Ricci fragrance. Why even bother writing songs? Because they're great, that's why"
"Boasting the skills of a veteran guitar wizard, this pop-punk princess is more Carlos Santana than Hannah Montana"
"This electro duo's synthy lullabies and piano reveries bring to mind images of couples parting, if not vampires feasting on flesh"
"This London sextet create latterday psych-soul nuggets, all phased vocals and sunshine melodies given the warp factor"
8 July: Kid Adrift
"These dubstep DJs and producers have joined forces to form a supergroup that is, sadly, less than super"
"This enigmatic and elusive group take you forward into the past, like Caribou covering Cabaret Voltaire"
13 July: Dels - Shapeshift
"This Ipswich rapper imbues hip-hop with the impish curiosity of indie electronica, like Dizzee meets the Björk of Vespertina"
14 July: Sleeping Bags
"This Swedish singer's gorgeously gloomy sugar-pop sounds like Kylie with boyfriend problems"
16 July: Chief
"This Brit School graduate is to dubstep what Tracy Thorn was to trip-hop – the go-to girl for those wanting classy female input"
"Big on the 'juke' scene, this Chicago-born 20-year-old creates pure electronic mayhem with his twitchy, hyperfast-cut sound"
21 July: Rumer - Slow
"Four new songs prove that forthcoming single, Slow, isn't just a beautiful fluke for this soulful, Karen Carpenter-esque vocalist"
"Haunted by the heritage of American roots music, this ramblin' man reeks of old-time vengeance and lawlessness"
23 July: Still Corners
26 July: David's Lyre
27 July: The Smiles and Frowns - The Echoes of Time
"This folkadelic pop duo draw you into another time and place with lovingly recreated reminders of a bygone age"
28 July: Aeroplane - We Can't Fly
"This bonkers blend of titanic beats and blockbuster bombast is as sonically arresting as anything you'll hear this year"
29 July: Mona
30 July: MNDR

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