Monday, October 11, 2010

Guardian's New Band of the Day (June 2010)

Mountain Man: female beardless Fleet Foxes

Today I suddenly discovered the power of patience. 
Until now, Guardian's New Band of the Day series had been rather disappointing. Not because of musical choices by Guardian's music wiz, but because of scarcity of the bands on Spotify. So I decided to be a little more patient and to wait to update the playlist for a couple of months more after Guardian's original publication. And... it worked! Most of the new bands highlighted by the Brit website in June are in the playlist: 14 out of 18. The fact is Guardian often writes about artists even before they publish their debut single. Spotify doesn't leak, so you must wait a little for them to appear on the catalogue. 
Patience is good for a better playlist. 
Day by day, I'm getting wiser. 
Am I not?

Enjoy Jamaica, ceo, The Magic Kids and (almost) all the young dudes of June.

The Playlist 
(june 2010, 14 new bands out of 18, 77,77%)

1 June: Cerebral Ballzy
2 June: Ghost Poet
Guardian's Paul Lester says: "We celebrate New Band of the Day's 800th edition by bringing you a French duo who are tantalisingly close to pop perfection"
"This Leeds band combine the sprawling intensity of Canada's Arcade Fire with the Welsh psychedelia of Super Furry Animals"
"Inspired by the traditional folk, country and Appalachian stylings of Gillian Welch, this trio are the female Fleet Foxes"
"This duo's brainiac mix of math rock, prog and electronica is never less than clever, intricate and complex"
"These Home Counties lads play grandiose music with a rustic charm, like Coldplay jamming with Mumford & Sons"
"This enigmatic Swede's carefully constructed persona is slightly undermined by his pretty and perky synth pop"
11 June: Liam Bailey
14 June: Ollie Wride
"If Girls Aloud did a duet with New Young Pony Club, then it would probably sound like this Dalston dance trio"
"This young rapper from the States is not really a rapper – he just keeps telling everyone he is"
"It's been a while since we heard a bunch of jangling 60s west coast acolytes quite this fine"
"Like the lovechild of Neil Young and Neil Tennant, this newbie's songs are part grunge, part laptop pop"
"If you need a budget Kings of Leon for your wedding or bar mitzvah, look no further"
"This Memphis band are a budget version of the Beach Boys, aiming to capture California's finest in their early glory days"
"Is he a genius or a hoaxer with too much time on his hands? Possibly both"
"Anyone for Tennis? Yes, please, if it involves fuzzy, aching chords topped with stories of sailing around the US east coast"

Listen to it on Spotify:
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Moloch Playlist (growing every month, with all 2010 songs): HTTP LinkURI.

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