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Dead Air Spotify - Radiohead Office Charts throughout 2010

Welcome to Radio Radiohead

Tell me what you're listening to, and I will know who you are. Since november 2008, Radiohead are periodically publishing on their website Dead Air Space charts of songs they "might be listening to in the office". 2010 charts are mostly signed by singer Thom Yorke. I don't know if that means these are the songs he is personally listening to, or he has been appointed chart-publisher for all the band, or he gained a dictatorial control of the studio hi-fis. The important is that these are truly fascinating playlists. So far from my normal tastes. With jazz, electronica, hip hop, 8-bit, Scott Walker, piano beauties and even a mass in B minor. New horizons, new landscapes, new roads where slowly walk, far from the boring chaos of the commercial highways (...while waiting for the new Radiohead album: is it maybe that this music influenced it?...).

For each "office chart", I made its own Spotify playlist. If you prefer, at the bottom of this post, you can find a mammoth playlist, comprehensive of all the songs. Enjoy!

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The Playlists
(updated 18/02/2011)

Tue, 09 February
1. Murderer by Low from Drums and Guns
2. Hotel Freund by Black to Comm
3. If you go away by Scott Walker
4. Ancestors by Gonjasufi
5. Turn it on (instrumental) by Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek
6. These Words ft. dbridge by Martyn
7. I think UR a Contra by Vampire Weekend
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI (SR0228)

Wed, 03 March
1. Intro: Live At Skateland by Cutty Ranks
2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out by Public Enemy
3. Cyclic Bit by Raymond Scott
4. Audience No. 2 by Autolux
5. New York Is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron
6. Natty by DVA
7. Sing by Four Tet
8. Ambre by Nils Frahm
9. Take Me Back by Aloe Blacc
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI (SR0229)

Mon, 15 March
1. Twilight Speedball by Mos Def
2. Fancy Clown by Mavillain & Viktor Vaughn
3. Baiafro by The Gaslamp Killer
4. Exhibit C by Jay Electronica
5. Penny's Confession by Ras G
6. Lose My Fuse by Muhsinah feat. Flying Lotus
7. MIA by MIA
8. Holidays by Gonjasufi
9. It's Important by Samiyam
10. Purify by Untold
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0230)

THU, 06 May
1. The Lunatics (Have taken over the Asylum) by Fun Boy Three
2. Splitting the Atom by Massive Attack
3. Les Folies Françaises by Matmos
4. Sticky Situation (Toddla T & Seiji Mix) by Lady Chan
5. Veni vidi vici (Diplo rmx) by Black Lips
6. Mass in B Minor BWV 232, Credo: Chorus: Et Incarnatus Est Bach Mass in B minor by Münchner Philharmoniker & Sergiu Celibidache
7. Into Dust by Mazzy Star
8. My Beautiful Leah by Pj Harvey
9. Analogue Talk(Claknib) by AFX
10. Backdoor. Spyboter.A by AFX
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0231)

MON, 24 May
1. 1977 by Ana Tijoux
2. Ante Up by Danny Drive thru
3. Formula by Aphex Twin
4. Naima by John Coltrane Quartet (village vanguard recordings)
5. The Heist by Jaylib
6. Fram by Blawan
7. Pneumonia by Bjork
8. Chapel of Ghouls by Boy 8-bit
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0232)

SAT, 19 June
1. The Big Ship by Brian Eno
2. Slurs and Slowly by Isan
3. Triangle Folds Inside Out by James Holden
4. Magnetic Warrior by Archie Bronson Outfit
5. Goodmorning Sunshine by Quasimoto
6. 3 Tot 1 Zonder Toaster by Aardvark
7. Fog Bank by boy 8-bit
8. Leuk He by Aardvark
9. Bite It & Believe It by Archie Bronson Outfit
10. Claptrap Joe
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0233)

FRI, 25 June
1. Nothing to See by Four Tet
2. Shadows of Tomorrow by Madvillain and Quasimoto
3. Mad Again (Boy 8-bit) by South Rakkas Crew
4. 3hree by Aardvarck
5. Aftermath by Nightmares on Wax
6. 9 by Aphex Twin
7. Silversand by Mesak
8. Xerrox Sora by Alva Noto
9. Lady Jane by The Rolling Stones
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0234)

SAT, 9 October
1. Pitter by Ramadanman
2. Back Down by Dj Nate
3. Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
4. Man Out of Time (Major Space dub) by Redshape
5. My Only Friend (Hezus rmx) by Gonjasufi
6. No More by Billie Holiday
7. Jeep's Blues Duke Ellington (Ellington at Newport 1956)
8. Teknitian by Dj Rashad
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0235)

The Mammoth (47 tracks from all the playlists, about 3 hours)
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI. (SR0236)

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