Monday, June 7, 2010

Guardian's New Band of the Day (april 2010)

 JJ say: "go listen to track #3, immediately"

Wanna taste some fresh new music? Here it comes, courtesy of The Guardian. Since the end of 2006, the British paper's website has a daily column called New Band of the Day, where music critic Paul Lester "gives new groups a whirl, so you don't have to". I looked for the bands Lester wrote about in April and, as you can see below, many of them are not available on Spotify, yet (the available ones are linked to the dedicated page on Guardian's website). Anyway, the playlist is really fresh and JJ's Let go is simply amazing. Enjoy! And, if you wish, subscribe to the playlist: I will update it each month (see below, for more choices).

The Playlist (april 2010)

1 April: Faded Glory
Lester says: "Fans of literate pop songcraft will enjoy this Irish singer's dark tales of obsession and the horror of tedium"
7 April: Nightbus
8 April: Smurfie Syco
"Fancy some hey-nonny-no stadium rock? This lot sound like a jam session between Fairport Convention and Faith No More"
12 April: JJ - Let Go
"They may not have a Facebook page, but for all their online mystery, JJ's light and lovely music is pretty transparent"
13 April: Spencer McGarry Season
15 April: I Am Arrows
"Lady Chann could well be the UK's number one dancehall queen"
"From dubstep to R&B-sampling exercises to plaintive piano tracks, producer James Blake is recasting intelligent urban music"
21 April: Trash Talk
"This brotherly jazz-metal duo could do to be a little less sweaty metal, a little more complex jazz"
"'Lo'-key minimalist Josh McIntyre draws on post-punk, shoegaze and C86 for his scratchy, sorrowful sound"
26 April: Kirsty Almeida
27 April: Blondes
"With songs that last less than three minutes, this London trio prove that succinct doesn't suck"
29 April: The Agitator
30 April: Sunday Girl

Listen to it on Spotify:
Active Playlist (changing every month, with only newest songs): HTTP Link, URI. (SR0184)
Moloch Playlist (growing every month, with all 2010 songs): HTTP Link, URI. (SR0185)

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