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All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked (Rolling Stone, 2014)

In honor of Rolling Stone's Nirvana collector's issue, we've dug deep into the catalog of the chaos-embracing sludge-pop titans who changed the world. We've ranked all 102 album cuts, B-sides, bonus tracks, officially released covers, bootlegger-traded originals, home demos, Peel Sessions, and 4-track experiments we could find, from Nirvana's formation in 1987 to their McCartney-assisted reunion in 2013. It's no secret that the 38 songs on Nirvana's three classic albums blurred the lines between punk's most subterranean muck and pop's highest reaches. But they also left behind a wealth of other material from the shaggy to sublime, from combustible to calm, from coulda-been hits to unfinished sketches. Here it is, from Aero to Zeppelin, and everything in between.

Read what Rolling Stone said about each song, and/or listen to all songs available on Spotify in this countdownish playlist.


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(Rolling Stone, 2014, from #102 to #1)

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Strikethrough songs (22/102) are not available on Spotify. Some songs may be not available in all countries.

102. Heartbreaker (live)
101. My Best Friend's Girl
100. Raunchola/Moby Dick
99. The Other Improv
98. Don't Want It All
97. Mrs. Butterworth
96. If You Must
95. Cut Me Some Slack
94. Help Me, I'm Hungry
93. Immigrant Song
92. Black and White Blues
91. Bambi Slaughter
90. Anorexorcist
89. Token Eastern Song
88. Here She Comes Now
87. Escalator to Hell
86. D-7 (live)
85. Montage of Heck
84. Beans
83. Old Age
82. Beeswax
81. Seasons in the Sun
80. Opinion (live)
79. Blandest
78. They Hung Him On a Cross [as The Jury]
77. Grey Goose [as The Jury]
76. Clean Up Before She Comes (live)
75. White Lace and Strange
74. Ain't It a Shame [as The Jury]
73. Do You Love Me?
72. Moist Vagina
71. Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip
70. Talk to Me
69. Pen Cap Chew
68. Do Re Mi
67. Verse Chorus Verse
66. Sifting
65. Hairspray Queen
64. Downer
63. Big Long Now
62. Return of the Rat
61. Marigold
60. Endless, Nameless
59. Oh, Me (live)
58. Big Cheese
57. Aero Zeppelin
56. Curmudgeon
55. Mexican Seafood
54. Spank Thru (live)
53. Paper Cuts
52. Mr. Moustache
51. Swap Meet
50. Turnaround (live)
49. Plateau (live)
48. Scoff
47. Son of a Gun (live)
46. Very Ape
45. Oh, the Guilt
44. I Hate Myself and Want to Die
43. Milk It
42. Tourette's
41. Lounge Act
40. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
39. Even in His Youth
38. The Man Who Sold the World (live)
37. Stain
36. Floyd the Barber
35. The Money Will Roll Right In (live)
34. Stay Away/Pay to Play (I included both versions in the playlist)
33. Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam (live)
32. Sappy
31. Rape Me
30. Aneurysm
29. Polly/(New Wave) Polly (I included both versions in the playlist)
28. On a Plain
27. Molly's Lips (live)
26. Lake of Fire (live)
25. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
24. Scentless Apprentice
23. Been A Son
22. Blew
21. You Know Your're Right
20. Dumb
19. Territorial Pissings
18. Love Buzz
17. Come As You Are
16. School
15. Negative Creep
14. Serve the Servants
13. All Apologies
12. Heart Shaped Box
11. Pennyroyal Tea
10. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (live)
9. Drain You
8. About a Girl
7. Lithium
6. Dive
5. Something in The Way
4. Breed
3. Sliver
2. In Bloom
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

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