Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian Mood.

When something happens in a foreign country, especially if it's something dramatic like what's happening right now in Norway, often I start thinking about which good things and feelings that country and its people gave me. Sometimes it's just a postcard memory from a holiday. Sometimes it's food. Sometimes it's something more romantic. Most time, it's a mix of emotions strictly related with music, movies, books, creativity. Don't know if this is a good habit or something sick. But today it happened again. So, this is a very personal selection of 20 norwegian songs/artists that I like (sometimes, that I do love). Mostly alternative, indie rock and electronica. A bit of jazz. A little of classical music, too. No metal. I know scandinavian metal rocks over the world, but - honestly - I'm not a great aficionado of Dimmu Borgir or Burzum. Yet.

A tiny little message of solidarity (and thanks) from Spotirama to Norway people.
Hope you enjoy.

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Source: myself, plus some little fact-checking on Wikipedia and

1. Jaga Jazzist – Oslo Skyline
2. Datarock – FaFaFa
3. Sondre Lerche – Private Caller
4. Kaizers Orchestra – Philemon Arthur & the Dung
5. Anja Garbarek – I Won't Hurt You
6. Motorpsycho – Feel
7. Madrugada – Majesty
8. Thomas Dybdahl – Just Can't Seem To Give A Shit (avec Melanie Laurent)
9. Ane Brun – Do You Remember
10. Kings Of Convenience – I'd Rather Dance With You
11. The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning (actually they're almost all from Berlin, except the singer, who is the same of the previous and of the following song)
12. Erlend Oye – Ghost Trains
13. Turbonegro – Get It On
14. Bugge Wesseltoft – Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker
15. Lene Marlin – Unforgivable Sinner
16. Annie – Heartbeat
17. Röyksopp – Poor Leno
18. a-ha – The Living Daylights
19. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In the Hall of the Mountain King (modern socialnetworkish take of a classic by norwegian composer Edvard Grieg)
20. Arve Tellefsen – Le Melancolie - In Moments Of Solitude (a piece by 19th century norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull)

Listen to it on Spotify: NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE (SR0708)

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