Friday, June 17, 2011

Guardian's History of Modern Music Playlists (bonus mammoth included)

"This was the week we tried to map out the entire story of contemporary music using nothing but blood, sweat and a fancy interactive gizmo"

Have you seen the Guardian's A History of Modern Music feature?
It's a gigantic series of articles, interactive timelines and playlists, published this week. They divided it in seven chapters, one for genre (pop, rock, hip hop & r'n'b, indie, dance, world & folk, jazz) and the first thing I thought when I saw it was: great! I will make some Spotify playlists that you can listen while reading the articles!

The second thing I thought, it was: oh, God, they already did it. Yes, each genre has an official playlist, on the Guardian Spotify account.

Then, it came the third thought: this is in pure Spotirama spirit! (yes, I have a Spotiramacentric vision of the world). I must link the playlists!

And so it is: below you find all the direct links to Guardian's playlist. The order is by subscribers (counted the 17/6/2011, 23:48, Berlin Meridian Time), just to get aknowledgement of the big love of Spotirama users for indie music. And at the bottom, a little big bonus messy playlist that Guardian guys didn't make. Enjoy! 

(Guardian's page)

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On Spotify: HTTP, URI.

(631 subscribers)

Rock (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(578 subscribers)

Pop (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(524 subscribers)

Hip Hop & R'n'B (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(515 subscribers)

Dance (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(506 subscribers)

Jazz (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(378 subscribers)

World & Folk (Guardian's page)

On Spotify: HTTPURI

(354 subscribers)

Bonus playlist 
(all the seven Guardian's History of Modern Music playlists in one, 567 tracks)
Listen to it on Spotify: HTTP, URI.  

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